Who We Are

Culinary Science Investigations (CSI) is one of the leaders in the new cutting edge field of Food Pairing Research Application, Applied Gastrophysics, Sonochemistry and Sonic Instrumentation. We use the scientific principals of chemistry, pharmacology and medicine to combine dominant matched flavor compounds in creating products and recipes to enhance and intensify the taste experience for the consumer.

CEO Larrian Gillespie MD brings her extensive medical and pharmaceutical background to the culinary field where she has studied with world renowned chefs in the USA, France and Italy.

She regularly consults with restaurateurs, bartenders, chefs and catering companies on food and alcohol pairings, while also creating products for culinary professionals to incorporate into their own recipes to maximize flavor impact and profitability. Her expertise in gastrophysics, flavor technology, sonochemistry and modernist cuisine applications place her in a unique position to help you bring an emotional experience to your clients.

Culinary Colorist Fayzee has consulted with design companies that have executed the work for the interiors of Buddakan, Nobu, Mesa Grill, Jean George’s and Godiva, among many others. Her innovative food plating designs will give your recipes a dazzling eye-catching advantage complimented by creative tabletop displays.

CSI is also involved in on-going research into food and diet as it relates to health.