Larrian Gillespie MD to Teach First Sonic Mixology Class

I have the privilege to have been invited to teach the first Sonic Mixology Class at the Farm to Table International Conference in New Orleans on August 9 following which I will deliver my presentation on The Pharmacology Of Flavor and demonstrate the Cocktail Matrix program that has been in development for the past year. It is going to be an exciting time in NOLA. Here is the class program:

Bending the Spoon: Mastering the Art and Science of Sonic Mixology

Sonic Mixology is a revolutionary new technique that will help bartenders, mixologists and chefs develop improved flavor profiles in less time than traditional methods. Utilizing the principles of sonochemistry, quantum fluid mechanics and pharmacology, you will learn in this hands-on course
1. How to use a Turbo Sonic Mixer to enhance and stabilize the volatile aromatics in alcohols and juices.
2. How to extend the shelf life of juices by 72 hours, decreasing your labor costs and making every drop drinkable.
3. How to make sherries, fortified wines and spirits shelf stable for 1 year without the need for expensive gases, equipement or vacuums.
4. Enhance the finish of alcohols resulting in improved flavor and texture, giving the smoothness and mouth-feel of long term bottle or barrel aging.
5. Create nanoparticles in any alcohol which prevents oxidative damage by putting alcohols into suspended animation which extends shelf life.
6. Create blended cocktails that taste like bottle aged in just minutes and retain flavor over extended time.
7. Create custom infusions and extractions of flavors in minutes – instead of days or weeks.
8. Enable the custom production of consistent signature cocktail ingredients and bitters, maximizing quality assurance.
9. Blend fats into alcohol without the need for refrigeration.

Sonic Mixology and the Turbo Sonic Mixer

I’m excited to introduce to you the new science of Sonic Mixology, which will revolutionize the way you prepare, infuse or store alcohols in your bar or restaurant with the Turbo Sonic Mixer.

Sonic Mixology has its foundation in the field of pharmacology where ultrasonic acoustic streaming is used to produce nanoparticles which suspend flavor compounds by altering their nuclear structure. Applying these same principles, Culinary Sonic Instruments has developed a patent-pending method for creating dynamic alcoholic flavors in minutes rather than days, weeks or months.

With just the touch of a button you can create custom infusions, extractions, stabilize flavor in cases of wines and spirits with the power of the Turbo Sonic Mixer. Electrons that are activated by the transducer in the Turbo Sonic Mixer are strong enough to rip holes in foil as they tunnel and stream in the tank. That same action is what creates cold boiling and mixes the compounds in the bottles of alcohol.