Meet Larrian Gillespie M.D.

larrianaddictionLarrian Gillespie has followed her passion for artisanal culinary experiences by holding certifications from the French Pastry School, Chicago, La Varenne, Paris, Le Centre de Formations D’Alain Ducasse, Paris, France, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo as an artisanal cheese maker, private studies with Max McCalman , the acclaimed Maître Fromager of the Guilde Internationale de Fromagers, Saint Uguzon, and from the Academie Opus Casseus, St Haon le Chatel, France as a French artisanal cheese maker and cheesemonger under the tutelage of Hervé and Laurent Mons.

She is a member of ONAOO, Imperia, Italy as an Olive Oil Sommelier, the International Association of Culinary Professionals, the American Cheese Society and the American Institute of Wine and Food. In addition, Larrian has studied extensively in chocolate with several Meilleur Ouvrier de France (M.O.F.) and World Pastry Champions.

Dr. Gillespie has been the featured speaker at such notable programs as the Art of Catering Food, The Portland Cocktail Week, The Golden State of Cocktails, Nightclub and Bar Show, The International Farm to Table Conference, just to name a few. Her ability to relay complex information in a friendly, easy to understand format has resulted in sold out classes at every event.

She is the CEO of Culinary Science Investigations, Addiction Mixology and Culinary Sonic Instruments in Beverly Hills. Her interests and expertise in pharmacology, gastrophysics, modernist cuisine and flavor synergy has placed her as one of the most sought-after consultants in the culinary world.

Larrian conducts flavor-pairing related corporate and private seminars, training and speaking engagements, and she offers consulting services for retailers and restaurants.
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Larrian graduated as the first woman Urologist from UCLA and practiced in Beverly Hills. She is a recognized nutritional expert, author of nine popular books and has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN and many other national programs.

Her career choice was featured as the cover story in Parade Magazine and she has served on the advisory board of SHAPE Magazine, Current Topics in Urology and several major publishing imprints on health issues. She is the author of more than 10 scientific articles, four chapters in medical textbooks and is the inventor of four pharmaceutical patents on angiogenesis.

“ Larrian is a great speaker. She really understands women’s issues and can translate “doctor talk” into language anyone can understand. I’ve learned a lot from her.”
Cher, Academy Award Winning Actress

“I found Larrian to be fully engaged in her cheese studies and able to easily grasp the concepts of cheese making, ripening, nutrition, safety concerns, as well as wine pairing principles. Her background knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject matter made her the best type of student one could wish for: one that could pick up a topic then add thoughtful analysis.”
Max McCalman, MAXVOL, Inc

“Larrian’s medical training and long experience brings a fascinating depth of experience to her work in the culinary world. She is expertly conversant with the phenomenon of taste at a molecular level, and her work in cheese, jams, wine, mixology, and recipe development are an excellent outlet for her wide interests. She’s an engaging and articulate speaker whose enthusiasm knows no bounds!”
-Susan Sturman, Director, Anglophone Program at Academie Opus Caseus, (learning the work of cheese at MonS Fromager-Affineur)

“En ce mois de mai 2014, nous avons eu encore plus de soleil que d’habitude avec la présence de Larrian pour notre cours ! Larrian s’est particulièrement illustrée dans ses compétences d’expertise sensorielle des fromages. Sa formation initiale l’aide aujourd’hui également à comprendre et lire les subtilités du goût des fromages !!”
(‘This past May 2014, we had more sunshine than usual with the presence of Larrian in our course! Larrian has particularly celebrated expertise in the area of sensory analysis in cheese. Her background training contributes to her current ability to read and understand the subtleties of cheese flavors!”)
-Laurent Mons, MonS Fromager-Affineur, St Haon le Chalet, France

“I met Larrian the first time during an Olive Oil Tasting Course held by ONAOO ( National Olive Oil Taster Organization ) in Imperia ( Italy ) in 2013. She immediately drew my attention for her deep interest in the topic, both from the sensory point of view and the theoretical aspects behind the “practical” topics. In particular, she showed her interest in all the nutritional aspects and implications thanks to her medical background and expertise.
ONAOO and I are co-operating with Larrian in supporting her researches on some nutritional aspect and dietary outcome from Olive Oil consumption, for the sensory analyses of the oils under investigation.”
-Mauro Amelio, Professor, ONAOO