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Turbo Sonic Mixer

CSI introduces the new Flavor Reactor by Culinary Sonic Instruments.

Tasting is believing! This compact table top 110 volt precision instrument revolutionizes the way beverages are prepared. Want a competitive edge to every cocktail that you serve? Sell more beverages and increase customer repeats utilizing our new technology that improves the taste and mouth feel of your beverages. Increase the profitability of your bar and restaurant business by maintaining control and consistency of your products with the revolutionary Flavor Reactor!

Using a patent-pending SonoFini™ technology of acoustic streaming the Flavor Reactor will:

  • Enhance the finish of alcohols resulting in improved flavor and texture, giving the smoothness and mouth-feel of long term bottle or barrel aging.
  • Create nanoparticles in any alcohol which prevents oxidative damage and extends shelf life.
  • Create blended cocktails that retain flavor over extended time.
  • Create custom infusions and extractions of flavors in minutes – instead of days or weeks.
  • Enable the custom production of consistent signature cocktail ingredients and bitters, maximizing quality assurance.
  • Blend fats into alcohol without the need for refrigeration.
  • Increase drink delivery efficiency for your bar.
  • Utilize Green Technology to conserve energy and natural resources.
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Own the power of The Flavor Reactor now!

$289.95 FREE SHIPPING in the USA

InstaFoam InstaFoam™ will give you a frothy and thick foam that will last long after other foams have gone flat. This all natural, Kosher, non-GMO liquid will work across a wide range of pH and temperatures to create a superior, long lasting foam without the need for egg whites and their risk of bacterial contamination. You’ll just love it’s lacy appearance and exceptional mouth feel. By preventing smaller bubbles from developing into larger bubbles with thinning walls that collapse at the liquids surface, InstaFoam™ will create a volume of foam for your drink that will remain stable for hours at just pennies a glass.Never get caught flat again!

For recipes, visit InstaFoam Cocktails
$21.95 FREE SHIPPING in the USA